Vicard Oak

The Vicard Group is represented in Australia by Amorim Australasia.

Vicard has effectively thrown out the rule-book on wine barrels in order to pioneer a new way of thinking about oak and its relationship with wine.

Lead by the innovative drive of Jean Charles Vicard, and copious volumes of research from University of Bordeaux, and other institutions, Vicard have revolutionised the cooperage game.

Their goal was not to create the best barrel, but to create the most consistent and repeatable barrel.
From the selection of staves using near infra-red spectroscopy to define tannin potential, to the introduction of Molecular cooking of the wood through controlled radiant heat, and the numerous innovations in between, Vicard have removed all of the inherent variability found in traditional cooperages.

Vicard’s Generation 7 Barrels provide Australian winemakers with year on year, barrel to barrel consistency and enables predictable and controllable outcomes – this means real improvements in quality and return on investment at the winery.

Vicard have changed the paradigm for oak selection and performance

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Amorim Australasia is proud to represent Vicard in Australia. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about Vicard oak products